Hi. My name is Nicholas Maude and I’m the owner of Actors Showreels.

As a professional working actor myself (nicholasmaude.com) I understand the importance of having a good showreel, and believe me, they do get viewed!

I’ve been a professional videographer for over 13 years, creating corporate and wedding videos at my sister site www.stagescapturethemoment.com.

Being an actor I believe that I can help bring the best out of your performance, and since I’ve also worked as a freelance cameraman for the BBC,

I know that my work is of the highest standard. As an actor I also understand that money is tight, and so I’m delighted to be able to offer acting showreels for just £50 per hour.


What do I do?

I specialize in filming new scenes from scratch. Ideal for aspiring actors who currently have limited TV/Film exposure and need new material for their showreel. Using steadicams, glidetacks and drones I will film your scene in the style of programme or film that you'd like to be seen for. 

How much will it cost?

OK, so the important part.

I charge £50 per hour when filming, and £50 per minute of your scene's edited running time. Sounds complicated? Ok, so a single 1 minute scene, filmed from scratch, usually take 1 hour to film (so £50) and once edited, if the scene runs at 1 minute I'll charge you an additional £50 for the edit. So, a 1 minute scene should cost you around £100. Similarly a 2 minute scene will usually take 2 hours to film (£100) and a further £100 for the edit, so roughly £200 for a 2 minute scene, and so on! 

For scenes with more than 2 people an additional 50% will be charged per additional actor as the editing/filming will be more detailed.

If we're filming on location an additional mileage charge of £0.51 p/m will be added.

What do you need to do?

You will need to source your own scripts, actors and locations. I will then direct you on the day to ensure I capture the best performances.

Keep your scenes short, ideally no more than 2 minutes. Since your final showreel should be under 3 and a half minutes, it's unlikely you'll include the whole scene into your final showreel.

Think about locations. Your location is very important and acts like a character in your scene. Choose a great location and your scene will be elevated to a whole new level.

Don't be too ambitious. Don't choose an amazing scene in a courtroom if you can't gain access to a courtroom! Sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised how often this happens!

Finally, share the costs. If you're filming a new 2 handed scene from scratch then both of you should benefit from obtaining new footage for your showreels. Hopefully by sharing the cost you'll be able to afford to film 2 to 3 contrasting scenes that best showcase your talent.

How do you book?

It's easy. Send me an email and I will forward you my Booking Form. All you need to do is complete the form, sign the terms page and return it to me along with a Booking Deposit of £80 (this will then be deducted from your final bill). Once I've received these I will confirm your booking.


So, if you’re looking to create a professional showreel to send to Casting Agents or other talent agencies then I can help. Whether you’re choosing to edit together existing footage, or film/record something entirely new, I can help create that perfect showreel, be it Acting, Presenting or Singing. 

I’ve provided professional showreels for actors, singers, corporate acts, magicians and all forms of entertainers. I can also place your showreel onto You Tube, Spotlight or Casting Call Pro, keeping your costs of reproduction to a minimum.

Please click on “Showreels” to view examples of my work, or give me a call on 07899 906335.