As an actor having a great showreel is essential. Not only the quality of the footage you use but also the way it is edited and put together. The great thing about Nicholas is not only is he a great cameraman and editor, but as an actor, understands what is required in order to create that perfect showreel. I can’t recommend him enough.

Jason Donovan

Nicholas has been working for me now for a number of years. His attention to detail and professionalism is second to none. To be honest I can’t imagine using anyone else. Being a performer himself he really understands the importance of a great showreel. Affordable, friendly and speedy. Use him. You’ll be a returning client like me.

Matthew Stirling

Nicholas is a genius with a camera and his I-Mac. Just take a look at his work, it speaks for itself. I think the only thing he can’t do... is give you talent. If you’re serious about being in the business, then someone with his vision, technical ability, and affordability is exactly what you need.

Samuel Umoh

Such an easy, speedy, rewarding and highly professional day spent with Nick today, so incredibly happy with the results! Thank you so much!

Simon Shorten

Nick directed, filmed and edited 3 contrasting film clips for me to include in my showreel. As well as advising me on which clips to include, I was able to sit with him as he edited the material and was delighted with the final results. With HD footage filmed at an affordable price, they are a great option for any actor.

Chris Barton

Having Nicholas work on my showreel was a great decision. He listened to exactly what I wanted whilst adding his own very helpful advice. If you’re looking to get a showreel put together I would definitely recommend him.

Isaac Money

Thank you so much - the day of filming went brilliantly and the 2 versions of my show that you created both look amazing.

When I decided that I wanted a cut down version of the show to become a showreel I pointed out that I didn’t like the idea of going through my own show to decide my favourite bits. Nick then offered to go through it for me and make a draft - the draft version is better than anything I could have come up with. It’s awesome!

I couldn’t have hoped for better. Thank you again.

Paul Newton

Nick was a huge help with my showreel. He was efficient, professional and flexible with new material and changes.

Melody Reynolds

Thank you for being such a pro and making it an enjoyable experience. We are delighted with the finished result and would recommend you to anyone!!! Cheers.

Toby & David

I have experienced a number of showreel services... and without question or hesitation I have to say Nicholas is basically the very best. In simple terms, he is brilliant, detailed, I mean everything I could have hoped for, so professional ... inspiring the actor to unleash himself, if you’re an actor don’t think twice! Because of him I got an amazing agency and auditioning non stop.

Mannie De Castro


As a young actor starting out in the industry, filming my first ever showreel was quite a daunting thought but Nicholas being the true professional he is made me feel so comfortable behind the camera to the point that I completely forgot it was there! His direction on my scenes on the day was so helpful as well and really helped me bring some different dynamics to the pieces. As for the final product, I was completely blown away by what he had managed to capture, really showing me off at my best.

Rachael MacFarlane

Biggest thank you to @StagesCTM for my showreel. Such amazing quality and so affordable. Highly recommend.

Bella Humphries

Nicholas creates a very relaxed and professional atmoshpere, giving actors the confidence to be free and do their best. He comes with penty of ideas for the scene - from help with location to actual direction, helping to heighten the performance. The shoot and editing process were expedient, with the end product being of fantastic quality. The service is also very affordable for what you get!

Sarah Moon

@StagesCTM Had a great day filming a showreel scene. Thanks for all the fun.

Karen Ulrich-White

@StagesCTM Thanks so much for today. As always, it was such an enjoyable, relaxed shoot and so inspiring working with you.

Karen Olrich-White

Nicholas was so professional and great to work with. I really enjoyed my time filming and I would really recommend him to everyone. He produces amazing footage!

Stephanie Booty

Thanks Nicholas. Great! Thank you for all your hard work.

Kara Lily Hayworth

Honestly had the best time filming with Nicholas. Very helpful on set and together we bounced around with ideas. The scenes look straight out of a movie and he edited them so quickly. 24 hours later I had my showreel. I highly recommend Actors Showreels! Only the best will do!

Tom Bowen

Working with Nicholas was one of the best experiences of my career, combining my vision with his creativity has resulted in something beautiful. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a professional showreel.

Kane Morrell

Would recommend to anyone, very relaxed shoot, high quality footage and got the material sent the next day!

Adrian Gawell

After just completing my showcase I was desperate to get some footage together to send off and to have for a showreel, so I frantically searched the web! Many sites came up but I wasn't sure, I came across "Actors Showreels", and any questions I was thinking, before I could even wonder everything was answered on the home page! I watched examples that were on the website and they all looked so professional, I emailed instantly! I was hoping for a quick response, I emailed on the evening, and the next morning Nicholas rang me directly!  He was so informative on the phone and just told me everything I needed to know, advice, suggestions & details. I sent him over scripts and location ideas, and he suggested ideas, and of course him being the professional I was happy to take the advice! We filmed at his house and surrounding areas, when we got there he had pre planned location and set up ideas, that were so fitting to our scenes! When we got started I just loved it, Nicholas was totally encouraging throughout, made us both feel so at ease and relaxed, gave us great direction getting the best out of both of us! We filmed on Wednesday and by Friday we had back all our footage, edited and ready to go! We are both so happy with the result and so thrilled how quick we got it back! Would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone wanting to create a showreel, a massive thankyou! 


Sophia Silva

I highly recommend Nicholas! He is friendly, easy to communicate with and very efficient. Nicholas was kind enough to read through my script and give me valuable feed back on it. I was struggling to find proper locations to shoot my scenes, so he found them for me instead, at no extra cost!! He put so much work and effort into making my reel happen, to which I am very grateful for. If you want someone who knows exactly what they are doing, Nicholas is the person to go for! He is knowledgeable, has professional equipment with a great finishing quality. He seems to enjoy and love what he does and most of all, you get a great value for the price!! 

Kassem Tuza

Actors Showreel helped me create the perfect scene to add to my showreel. Because of the high quality, professional scene we created together, casting directors are now able to see the kind of characters I can play. I worked with Nicholas Maude who not only made me feel really comfortable whilst filming but also gave me the creative freedom to bring to the scene what I knew casting directors were looking from me. He gave me quick responses via email and was literally able to film the same week I contacted him. And after filming, I expected to have the scene back within the next couple days (as editing can take a while) only to have the download link in my email the day after filming. I would recommend this to anyone, as I have already to some of my friends who are in the process of getting a Showreel, because I'm sure you'll be as happy as I am with the outcome. Huge thank you to Actors Showreel.


It was great working with Nicholas. He was very professional, friendly and efficient. The scenes were better than I imagined and I'm really pleased with the result. I'd recommend Nicholas and would definitely work with him again.

Valter Almeida

Nicholas directs in such a friendly and easy manor with solid experience from an actors POV as well as a filmmakers. He knows what's required and what isn't necessary to get that performance. I instantly felt confident that Nick had his eyes and ears on everything. Really enjoyed the whole experience and came away with a positive reality check. A privilege to work with Nicholas!

Harrington Day

I was delighted with Nicholas' work. He produced a professional quality recording with a rapid editing time. Great value for money; I would definitely recommend his services!

Jacob Shephard

Nicholas is incredibly down to earth and makes you feel instantly comfortable and at ease when you work with him. He is invested in creating the best quality showreel scene for you and he’s also a visionary which helps him to sculpt and tailor a scene which is very well suited for you and your casting. I couldn’t be more happy with the results of my showreel. I thoroughly recommend his services.

George Hanes-Turner

I am so happy with my showreel! Nicholas was so professional and really made my showreel special. He responded quickly and definitely understood me and what I wanted to get out from my scene. Everything was done smoothly and even though we had to work around noise (in the church) he still made it sound great and was very efficient.

Thank you!

Cilla Silvia

I have worked with Nicholas twice before and already know that I will hire him again for any other scenes I need to get done. He is extremely professional and fun to work with! His experience and love of the craft makes for a great filmed and edited piece. I recommend him to all my friends.

Shanice Archer

Nicholas was super professional and efficient during the shoot, creating a relaxed and productive atmosphere. The result was high production value and I'm extremely happy with the footage!

Tania Khan

3 Hander

This is the third showreel that Nicholas has filmed and edited for me over the years and so it is no surprise that as a returning customer, I cannot recommend him highly enough. 

Nicholas is great at creating ideas and using his own experience as a performer and great skill as a cameraman to advise on the best outcome. It is always a fun time filming and I'm impressed with the speed, skill and affordability of his work. Once more I am a happy customer and will no doubt return again!!

Toby Hunt

Nick is so easy to work with, and I had so much fun shooting this scene. Nick has a great eye for detail, which I think comes across. I will definitely recommend him to other actors.

Samuel Kelly

Working with Nicholas was a joy. We were able to bounce ideas round and feel like we were part of the process, while knowing with his skill and experience we were in safe hands. We had the footage back really quickly and it didn't break the bank. I am really pleased with how our scene turned out, and would definitely use Actors Showreels again.

Angela Harvey